PLAYCASH | Cash in and out of the Metaverse

Getting Started

PlayCash currently exists as an extension on a growing list of internet browsers. At this time, you can use us through Chrome and Brave. Firefox and Edge will be coming soon.

NFT Quick Buy is currently available on the Axie Marketplace, OpenSea, and Magic Eden. However, PlayCash is working to be available in all your favorite NFT marketplaces. Let us know where you want us to be available next via

Download the PlayCash crypto super-extension by following these steps:
1. Download here
2. Click “Add to Browser” and pin the extension.
3. Buy, sell, swap your first cryptocurrency or purchase your favorite NFT asset!

Buy NFTs with fiat! Just go to the NFT marketplace of your choice: Initially, NFT Quick Buy will be available for Axie Infinity, OpenSea, and Magic Eden. The feature will be compatible with more marketplaces in the near future. Available payment methods include Local E-wallets, Debit/Credit Cards, and Over-the-Counter. Read the full list here. Watch our demo videos here

Buy any token with fiat! Hundreds of tokens are made much more accessible across different chains: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Ronin. Watch our demo video here.

Withdraw your tokens straight to your account of choice, whether that be your e-wallet, your bank account, or even over-the-counter. Watch our demo video here.

Swap any token easily across multiple networks.

PlayCash is available on the following networks:
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Polygon (MATIC)
Ronin (RON)
Solana (SOL)

Our team is working hard to bring availability to more networks in the future.

PlayCash gives you access to hundreds of crypto tokens across multiple networks; with the list continuing to expand as we continue to develop our platform. For the full list, click here
PlayCash caters to the Asia Pacific region with the Philippines being its first market. However, international credit card payments are accepted through our partners: MasterCard & Visa.
Currently, you are only able to transact with Philippine Peso (PHP), but we see our list of currencies growing in the future as we expand to a global market.
We are available on OpenSea and Axie Marketplace. Magic Eden and more marketplaces are coming soon. If you have any NFT Marketplace suggestions feel free to email us at
Make sure you toggle the NFT Quick Buy button. For Opensea, make sure you’re on the “collections” page view. For Axie Marketplace, we only support buying of Axies as of the moment. Accessories and land will be soon available.
For token or cash refund requests, please reach us via email at
User information is secured in congruence with PlayCash’s Privacy Policy.